Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An addiction

Anybody who knows me can tell you that i have an addiction to Sephora. We recently got one in our mall a couple months ago and i could probably spend all day in there. I look at their website about 5 times a day. And at lunch usually for about 30 minutes. I think i pretty much have the whole website memorized.

Here are some of my favorite things that ive gotten from there.

 This is probably my favorite. This is made by Lorac. I use the white eyeshadow and then put the lighter gray on it. I bought it a couple days before my sisters wedding. So ive been using it everyday for almost 8 months and still have a ton left.

I think everybody in the world needs to buy this. I always ready about it and heard people talk about it. I decided to try it one day, and im forever hooked. If they stop making this i would seriously be sad.

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this stuff. Its the luminizing black mask. Its feels like you are putting tar on your face, but it WORKS. You can tell a huge difference after the first time you use it. Its a little expensive, but soooo worth it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Its already November?

I dont know about you, but this year has FLOWN by. I guess being in 2 weddings, school and work can defnitely keep me busy. But im not complaining!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I would do anything to be sitting in one of those chairs right about now. Would you?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My new favorite thing

Last week i got my Glamour magazine and found a free sample of Garnier's moisture rescue refreshing gel cream. I thought i would try it after i washed my face that night. Let me just tell you....this stuff is AMAZING! I have the hardest time finding something for my face that i just absolutely love. I decided i had to get a jar of it, so i went to walgreens. Sure enough they had it. Its only $7.99, but they have it on sale for $5.99. This stuff is definitely worth $8. I would highly recommend every woman to go out and buy it. I use it after i have washed my face and you can still tell its working the next day. I love it. Oh and i have a dollar off coupon for it if anybody wants it.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's finally here.

Football season is here and i would give just about anything to be sitting in this stadium right now.

Since the game is on pay per view, i wont be watching it. Instead i will be heading over across the bay to do some shopping (or more like looking, i just want to walk around outside).


Saturday, August 21, 2010

I came across a website called My Home Ideas that shows you different types of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, outdoor living areas and tons of other stuff . If you've never seen it, you should check it out. They have some cool stuff on there. Especially the "nautical/cottage" bedrooms. These are some of my favorites.

This bed looks sooo comfortable. I like the headboard!

Gotta love a good boat bed! :)

I wish my bathroom had some fun mosaic tiles in it like this one.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun Questions

1. Do you plan outfits?
Not at all. I usually pick out what im going to wear like 5 minutes before i have to leave for work.

2. What is the closest thing to you that is red?
The red W on my box of pictures i got printed at walgreens.

3. What are you craving right now?
Strawberry jello.....for like 3 weeks now. I finally bought 2 boxes yesterday.

4. Do you bite into your ice cream or lick it?
Lick it. If i bit into it my teeth would hurt for like 3 hours. I have sensitive teeth.

5. Have you ever met a celebrity?
If i have it was probably like a band at a christian concert or something. I would love to meet Zac Brown.

6. Do you like cottage cheese?

7. What are you listening to right now?
Absolutely nothing. Im about to do homework, i have to have peace and quiet when i do that :)

8. Were your parents strict?

9. Would you go to dinner with George W. Bush?
Only if he paid and i didnt have anything else to do.

10. What are your plans this weekend?
Tonight i went to walmart with my mom. I'll be doing homework for the rest of the night and then i plan on sleeping as late as i can. My sister and brother in law are coming over tommorrow night to eat. We're having enchiladas. MMMMMM! Then sunday i'll probably be doing more homework.

11. Are you clumsy?
Yeah. I think the older i get the more clumsier i am.

12. Favorite time of the year?
The time between thanksgiving and christmas.

13. Favorite color?

14. Are you sarcastic?

15. Do you sleep with the tv on?
nope.....only my fan

16. Name 3 things you bought yesterday:
jello, shaving cream, and some foosacklys

17. Could you ever forgive a cheater?
Yeah, i guess. We could be friends....but thats it.

18. What are you wearing?
Nike running shorts and a florida state tshirt

19. What is your favorite candy?
i dont really like candy

20. Any particular candy you ate as a kid?
my grandma always had smarties at her house

21. Sexiest part on a man's body is...

22. What is your favorite thing that is green?
i honestly have no idea.

23. What did your last text message say?
what grocery store yall went to?

24. What is your middle name?

25. What do you smell like?
probably a mixture of dancing waters antibacterial hand lotion and my face wash

26. What is the way to your heart?
my coworker told me yesterday it was chocolate milk and foosacklys.

27. What is the last movie you saw in the theater?
I dont even remember. I go to the theatres like every 3 years. I would rather watch them at home. You can put your pajamas on and lay on the couch and you dont have 50 teenagers talking through the whole thing.

28. What words do you use when people pass gas?

29. Name a song you know all the words to:
Jesus loves me.....haha.

30. What your favorite childhood show?
i use to love me some full house